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Depression, an Explanation

Depression doesn’t always involve tears. It doesn’t always involve shunning the outside world. What it does involve is the shunning of one’s inner self, and the unshed tears that are never realized as the pain is drowned out by ignoring it. Depression is comfortable within its space, and as long as the person remains in that space they are almost normal. Once taken from the space, usually through force, those suppressed emotions boil to the forefront, and demand release in the most unpleasant of ways. No hope is to be found in depression. As each passing moment when life is not accomplished, as the problems grow deeper, so does the depression, an endless spiral to self-destruction. The individual cries out for help in displays of emotion, but its cries are silent from the dampening of the walls of depression. Where is the help so strongly sought after? Where is the hope that all claims to be there? This is the true destructive power of depression. The destroying of one’s soul.

Feel free to add to this, and let’s see if we can get a true explanation of depression.

I wish people acted the way they did in my dreams -.-


I like them a lot better there…

Of course in the dream I just had, there was a psycho crazy guy trying to kidnap me and some other girls.

If you squint your eyes it actually stops moving

If you squint your eyes it actually stops moving